Mavguard Magazine Art Submission Form


You may submit up to five pieces in each category -- Fiction (includes poetry) and Art (includes graphic design)

Each submission must have a title. Please, no duplicate titles or untitled works. If you need help coming up with an appropriate title, contact us

Each submission must be saved in its own separate file

Literature pieces must be saved in Times New Roman 12 pt. font, double spaced, pages numbered, with author last name and submission title in running header

Poetry pieces may be submitted in the format the author desires for publication

Standard formatting practices must be followed for literary pieces which require them (i.e. screenplays)

Literature must be submitted in Microsoft Word or .rtf format

Art must be submitted in jpg file format (if artist's piece is selected for publication, Mavguard Magazine will contact the artist requesting additional files in alternate file formats)

Fiction pieces must be 5,500 words and under

Poetry pieces must be 3,000 words and under

Art pieces must be 300+ dpi

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Tell us about the Art piece you are submitting

You may submit up to five (5) pieces of art per edition.
Art Piece for Mavguard Magazine
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Untitled submissions (or submissions titled "untitled") will not be accepted for publication
File Name MUST be the same as Title of Piece
(Accepted formats are: .jpg, .png, .pdf, .gif) File size must be less than 2MB
If this piece you submitted is selected for publication, do you give Mavguard Magazine the right to make minor editorial and format changes to conform to the style of the magazine?
If this piece submitted is selected for publication, do you give Mavguard Magazine the right to reproduce the work in part or in whole for information, marketing, and other promotional purposes for a total of three years from the date of publication?